6 arguments that will convince you that living on a lonely island wouldn’t be all that bad

Modern times aren’t easy. That’s for sure. But is it so bad, that we should consider moving to a lonely island, such as  Elliðaey shown above, the most northeastern of the Vestmannaeyjar (Westman Islands) in the South of Iceland with two houses and behold a population of five inhabitants?

Living in such a way, would of course be interesting for all those of us, that would enjoy their life in solitude, but would it be worth it for the rest of us?

1. You have next to no risk of becoming the victim of a terrorist attack


September 11, 2001 (Twin Towers, NYC, United States of America)

This might sound rather grim but it’s the truth. While the rest of us, especially those that live in the bigger cities, need to face the possibility of an attack, someone living on an island will not be threatened by that. Terrorists want to strike the most people possible, so an island with a very low number of inhabitant will not be their target.

2. You don’t have to deal with all the political crap going on at the moment

trump kissing (2)

Another rather convincing fact is that you won’t be effected with whatever they do in politics. To me it sometimes seems as if people can’t deal with all the crises at the moment. They try to ignore the problems by turning more and more racist. A good example for that circumstance is the Brexit. Great Britain is a country so scared of foreign immigrants that it seceded from the EU, without considering the harm that it might do to their economy as well as reputation.

This also applies to the elections in the US in the future. This, in my opinion, will turn out to be a decision for who is the least bad.

So why not go live on a lonely island, while everyone else has to deal with this.

3. You own a boat

Let’s leave the unreasonable politics and turn to the cool parts of living on an island.

You will most likely own a boat! If you don’t, I feel really sorry for you! Living on an island like Elliðaey that is so far away from the next supermarket, will not be fun with no way to reach it!

4. You don’t need to deal with annoying neighbors

Everyone that has neighbors that are super intrusive understand this. They freak at every little thing you do. If your children are a little to loud they threaten you with calling the police. When you mow you lawn they are mad because they want to take a nap. When you don’t trim your trees they scream at you when just one leaf finds its way into their garden and of course you should never play with a ball on your property because if it accidentally lands on their’s, you will never get it back since they will file a complaint should you ever enter their plot of land.

In that case a solitary island will solve all your problems.

5. You always have an excuse why you don’t contact people and they can’t reach you


If you are like me, you sometimes enjoy not being reachable. Not your mom, friends, grandma or boss can just call and tell you things you need to do. Excuses like, that you were in an area without service or your phone battery died usually don’t work. But if you live that far away from society these reasons automatically make sense.

This will have the disadvantage that you will most likely not have a telephone wire nor WiFi access at all, but everything has a dark and a bright side.

6. You can throw large partys


This would be my primary reason for moving that far out. Everywhere you live you need to turn the music down since you don’t want somebody to call the police because of noise disturbance. SHOUTOUT to all my neighbors for being such party poopers!



10 reasons why solitude will change your life to the better!

Solitude – a word that has a weird feeling to it. I can’t actually determine whether it is good or bad. But if you voluntarily chose solitude it may benefit you in a very specific way:


1. You can sort out your feelings

You may have just gotten out of a painful relationship or lost a family member. Maybe your crush does not return you feelings or you’re having a fight with your best friend. Whatever it is, it is painful and you need some time to think! Solitude can give you the peace you need to figure these feelings out. No person, other than yourself, can understand the things your heart tries to tell you. Give yourself the time to understand what is going on. That is the first step recovery.



2. You can form an individual opinion

Do you get pressured easily – have people fighting over what you should do, without having a say. Solitude can help you form a view on something. When you are all alone you get the chance that nobody can interfere with your thoughts. Before you might have just agreed with an idea, now you get the change to figure out what you want and what you think, without the need to confirm someone else’s point of view or the possibility to not know your position at all.



3. You don’t have to depend on somebody nor is somebody dependent on you.

You have time to not care about anybody but yourself. Everyone has to be selfish once in a while!


4. You develop independence from society

In solitude it isn’t important what society thinks of you. You can develop you body and soul independently and will live a happier life. Don’t force yourself to be someone you’re not!

5. You have time to not think at all

For a very long period of time you might have not had the chance to simply not care at all. Relax – lean back and forget about all the things that stress you out and cause your headaches.



6. You can dream – and create new life goals

Did something come to an end and you are stuck and don’t know how your life is supposed to work out from now on? Don’t be scared – just give yourself some time by yourself and new ideas, new possibilities and new motivation will show up!


7. You find out who you truly are and develop some self-esteem

It is really important to know who you are. In solitude you don’t have to be ashamed about yourself. Look at yourself proudly and accept yourself for who you are. You are worth more than all that rubbish people have been throwing at you! Only if you have some self-worth you can look those people in the eyes and not feel inferior.



8. You can recharge and be at one with yourself

Feel the calm energy refueling you and be at one with yourself and the earth. Remember that your existence is important and precious and that nobody can hurt you.

9. You realize how important some people are to you.

When you are far from home, or maybe just alone for a few hours, you realize what is truly important to you and who cares for you. You see who you should continue sharing your life with. Don’t let people that only bring pain and misery into your life.



10. You get some distance and see things from a different angle

If you have some time by yourself, you are calm enough to look at different options. You realize that you view wasn’t that unlike somebody else’s and that you may find a compromise.

All in all solitude may have a rather positive and healthy touch.