8 steps to follow, when creating a new you.

It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last. The first time I decided, that being loved and respected isn’t something we get by dissimulating, but rather by portraying who we truly are. It was the first time I invented a new me, since the me before was merely a reflection of other’s exceptions. Well, and of course it wasn’t the last time that I reformed myself – we all change with experience.

1. Where do you see yourself in you dreams?

This is the question you need to ask yourself when starting this journey. This might as well be the hardest point of them all.

As the sun knows; even the sky is not the limit…

― Rasheed Ogunlaru

Realizing where you want to stand and where you picture yourself in the future, is something really intimate and deep – and nobody can disencumber you from these realizations. If you want to be seen in a certain way by others, you might have to change some of your actions. People will limit you to the things you have confidence in. If you now want to be appreciated for something different, you will have to build confidence in that specific field to make them realize it.

2. Make a plan!

Before the Plan, there is an Idea. Before the Idea, there is a Purpose. Before the Purpose, there is Your Spirit…aching to express Itself

― Paresh Shah

So you now have your spirit and a goal. To achieve the change you intend, you will need a plan to make it work. Organisation is the core part of success. So you will need to research what is best to be done in your case. Whatever you do, live it with faith in yourself. People make mistakes – it’s human nature. So take other’s oppositions as an incentive and other’s encouragement as a reward.

3. Dress according to your personality and preferences

What I realized when I created the person I am now, is that you need clothes that fit your character. And when you choose, don’t pick according to what is modern and accepted, but rather by what you like and what you feel good in. If that is colorful or black, baggy or tight. Just dresses and skirts or only jeans and t-shirt. Wear what you feel comfortable in, and not what other’s may like for you to wear. Just a fitting outer appearance can give you so much confidence!

4. Don’t forget about a healthy lifestyle


“Healthy” here can be interpreted in diverse ways. Healthy should be your comfort-zone. If that is no sport or an enormous amount of sport. A balanced diet, a vegan or a “I’ll grab whatever is in the fridge” kind of lifestyle. You have to like the way you live. You will want to create habits, that go well with your personality. Just remember that some changes don’t happen in you comfort-zone.

5. Ask friends about their opinion

When you find yourself surrounded by sane people excited about your idea and lending support, you realize, perhaps, you are not as crazy as you think you are

― Paresh Shah

Your friends and family are your support. They will be there when you rise, as well as when you fall. Make sure to not keep everything to yourself. Some decisions are hard to make. Having people around that love you just for who you are, is a blessing.

6. Have self-confidence

So many people will tell you ”no”, and you need to find something you believe in so hard that you just smile and tell them ”watch me”. Learn to take rejection as motivation to prove people wrong. Be unstoppable. Refuse to give up, no matter what. It’s the best skill you can ever learn.

― Charlotte Eriksson

If you’ve made a decision to do something – stick with it! Hold your head up high and face your critics head-on. Everyone that doesn’t like the “true” you, might have been a false friend all along.

7. Look back

Sometimes, to get motivated you need to look back and appreciate the way you have come. Nothing is better than realizing the big steps and the gigantic challenges you’ve mastered during this journey. Don’t ever give up and keep working hard, just as you have done in the past.

Remember how far you’ve come, and you won’t have to rely on a destiny for your future. It will come on your own.

― Shannon A. Thompson,

8. Strive for your goals


When one has followed one specific goal for a very long time, it usually is weird to suddenly reach it. Don’t be afraid of the goal! If you think you have then lost your purpose – quest for a new one. This isn’t the first change! You continue changing all you life! So simply enjoy it as the beautiful human being you are!



10 reasons why adventurous people are the happiest

Adventuresomeness comes in many different shapes and sizes. It can be a road trip, a hook up with a total stranger, the food of a different culture or maybe just the courage to do the thing one truly wants. So if you are adventurous you might relate to the following.

1. You have so much more self-confidence


During your adventures you most likely had to face the person you are. You have most likely gotten to know you weaknesses as well as you strengths. You have learned to accept them and because of that you have confidence in the person you are. Others that have always just lived comfortably and safe, never had the need to fight with themselves like that.

2. People always call you mature while you are actually the biggest child of them all


Because of that uncommon self-confidence you might exude, people might think you are older or just very mature for your age. The funny thing in this aspect is, that adventurous people aren’t mature at all. An adventure is like a game that we are addicted to. We are just really good at hiding that inner child because we always need rational reasons to justify the things we do!

3. You smile a lot

Well true! You indeed do smile a lot which makes you a likable acquaintance. Because of the natural happiness that comes with adventures, you have no other choice but to smile it out and make the entire globe see it.

4. You see the world with different eyes


Because of your adventures that might seem rather unusual for an observer, you see things in a different light. You might know about the fragile line between life and death and how easy it can be overstepped. You might have experienced things that have completely changed the way you look at an aspect and this might have made you a more open-minded and fair human being.

5. Nobody ever tells you that you’re boring


Well, of course not! Who would dare. You always have a story to tell or another adventure to plan. You pull others into your world of weird fantasies that they might have never even considered.

6. You’re the weird one

And weirdness doesn’t necessarily have to be bad. You life is exiting. Normality is the poison that causes unhappiness and indifference. Let’s all be everything but ordinarily.

7. You know where your limits are

Because of you constantly trying new things, you know exactly where to stopp. You still have a lot of things to do in the future, so you don’t want to cross the line.

8. You’re passionate and love yourself


If you do something – you go all in. You have a passion for what you do. This passion also includes yourself. The primary goal of your life choices is to achieve happiness and that is only possible with you accepting yourself for who you are. At the same time this also gives you the chance of loving somebody else, because without loving and respecting yourself you can’t love somebody else as well. Furthermore you should be your first fan, don’t expect someone else to love you, when you can’t even do it yourself.

9. You’re closer to you dreams than anybody else

Your dreams are just another adventure to you. Fulfilling them is something you are not scared of doing. Moving forward is the only direction you go and you just look back to avoid making the same mistakes you did in the past. Dreams are reality to you and you intend to live them tomorrow as soon as the sun is up.

10. You show everybody your true character

Others usually try to fit in and are scared of people talking behind their back. But you’re different. Other people’s opinions don’t mean much to you and you continue displaying exactly you inner appearance on the outside. You really love the people around you and tell those, you don’t like, your thoughts to the face. You speak the truth which makes you a trustworthy friend and somebody that is comfortable in your own skin.

So when will you going to start your next adventure?

If you have any other ideas please feel free to leave a comment. (^_~)


10 tips on how to drive on the curvy road to success!

1. Be a safe driver!

This isn’t just important in traffic. Do things safe!!! If you are a a sportsman or -woman, if you want to lose weight, if you want to build a business etc, do it without hurting yourself. There might be others that do it differently, but you never now how long-term their success is going to be. Just remember this, HARD WORK ALWAYS PAYS OFF! Furthermore some things you put your body trough in the name of a goal, might actually end up killing you, so be careful. This world is dangerous.

2. Don’t get intimidated by overtakers

Yeah, don’t do that! There will most likely be people that do things faster than you. But remember that that doesn’t necessarily mean, that they do it better! Quality above quantity. Nobody wants a sloppy done job. Do your things your way at your pace!


3. Slow down before curves and be prepared to step on the breaks

Now this is important. Just as you will get thrown out of the turn when you are to fast with your car, the same happens to you in life. If you only keep on going at the same pace without adjusting to you surroundings you will eventually hit a wall or fall off a cliff! To be successful you need to adjust to your road. When there is a cliff ahead of you, then don’t go straight. You might even have to take a 180° turn to find the continuing diversion of your personal road!

4. Listen to some music

Now this one is easy. If you are too focused on one goal, you might forget to actually live you life. Don’t do that. Life needs to be balanced and for a good balance you’ll need hobbies or interests that are separate from you goal. They will give you some distraction.


5. Keep your eyes on the road but picture your destination in your mind

Every driver knows that you need to pay attention to the things that are happening in front of your car. The same is applicable to your goals.

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

-Robert Collier

Don’t forget about you destination but pay attention to what is going on in front of your nose.

Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.

Vincent Van Gogh

6. Take a break

Pause once in a while. Your body needs some rest. Nobody can withstand constant stress, pressure and demands. You only have one life so don’t break your body to achieve somethings that is supposed to enrich it. Take a day every week, or every month to tell your body and soul through actions, how much you appreciate it.


7. Don’t forget where you came from

Don’t forget you roots along the way. Maybe there are some things that you wish to forget, but every painful and sad thing is just like all good things an important part of you life. You have learned and developed trough the things that have happend you, and you can fade you memory of them. But don’t forget them completely since they have formed you character and your personality to what it is now and they might prevent you from repeating the same mistake in the future.

8. Don’t run somebody over

Okay – so you might think this headline is funny but wait. It may be obvious that you don’t run people over with your car. But are you as generous in real life? Don’t be false or fake to attain something and don’t kick somebody out of the game just because it might be to your advantage. That’s bad style.

9. Pick up hitchhikers

This kind of relates to the topic above. Success isn’t always reserved for just one individual. Helping others progress might also help you. They may remember you help from before as well and return the favor when you need it. Join a community of people and support others. This will get you connected and eventually lead to your breakthrough.


10. Be flexible

This might be one of the most important points. Be flexible. Don’t be too stubborn. If you want to be a famous runner but your better at triathlon then why not go for that instead. If it is a really similar field then you can deviate from you path a little. Success is what you take it for.

If any of you professional drivers have remarks on how to drive properly on the curvy road to success, please share the with me in the comments. (^_^)


How to get motivated after failing multiple times!


Motivation is a rather undefined topic. What is motivation in fact? In my opinion motivation is the urge to do something. Well but where does that urge come from.

Motivation is there in the beginning. When you start things. For example a diet, or an exercising routine, or maybe an organizing schedule. No matter what you wish to achieve, it starts with the motivation to reach the final goal.

Well, so motivation is the urge to reach a goal in a specific aspect of life. Fine, but how does that help us unmotivated people change? Well, motivation sadly is a state that comes and goes. It obviously was there in the beginning but it fades away as time passes by. So what do we need, to keep the motivation high, is change.  Take an exercising routine for example. Maybe in the first few days/weeks you are super motivated, you do everything people told you would lead to amazing results, but then the process of your body changing is too slow. You don’t see the promised results and end up quitting. This situation can be applied to any part of life that you wish to change.

So now, how do we keep going where everybody else is failing. Well, here are a few suggestions:

  • follow Tumblr blogs or inspiring people on other social network sites
    • no matter what you want to do, there are other people on tumblr that do the exact same thing. A big community that supports each other and shares inspiring quotes, material, pictures, advice ect…..
    • it is a great source of motivation, that not necessarily has to be your own. It is simply super easy to just go with the flow.
  • write a journal
    • whatever it is, that you wish to do, write down your thoughts about it
    • this is a way you can keep up with you progress
      • put in before-after pictures for weight loss
      • your feelings associated with the end of a workout
      • your improvements in cardio (for example distances)
      • your improving grades when studying
      • or your developed skills in language learning
  • tell your friends and family about your work and get their feedback
    • and here it’s not really important whether it’s positive or negative feedback
      • people that support you are great, but even if they tell you that you  will never be able to do it, you can use them as a source of motivation
      • keep going to prove the people that want to see/ think you will fail, that they are wrong
    • ask them to help you with small things like:
      • not buying sweets while you are trying to loose weight, so you can’t give in to your cravings
      • taking care of some of your daily chores so you might have the time to exercise
      • reading the chapters you wrote and correcting them for spelling mistakes, when you are trying to write your first book to fulfill your dream of becoming a writer

No matter what it is you do, do it because you love it, not because you need to do it. Only true passion can drive you to the point where you want to be in the end.

You should not only want the results, but try enjoying the journey of getting there as well.


I believe in you! You won’t fail. NOT THIS TIME!

If you are just stressed out and can’t get motivated because of that how about checking out this post.

If you know any other tips to get motivated, please share them in the comment section. (^_^)

Martin Buber


“Jede Reise hat ein geheimes Ziel, dessen sich der Reisende nicht bewusst ist.”

Is studying languages only for the extraordinary?

Whenever I talk to friends or family about my dream of speaking as many languages as possible the typical answer I get is: THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE.


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The best fantasy is written in the language of dreams. It is alive as dreams are alive, more real than real … for a moment at least … that long magic moment before we wake.

– George R. R. Martin

Die beste Einbildung ist in der Sprache der Träume geschrieben. Sie ist am Leben solange Träume am Leben sind, realer als real … für einen Moment wenigstens … jenen langen, magischen Moment, bevor wir erwachen.