2 ways to make your travel even more interesting

I believe everyone has traveled before, at least to some aspect. Alone, with family, with your friends. You see new things you have not noticed before. You breathe a different air, meet different people, interact, communicate and have a lot of fun.

But it’s possible that you are traveling and get bored because of no mobile phone battery and no music, dreary roads, or because you hate sitting for a long time without the liberty of action. So the following are basically  two games you can play when on the road.

1. Stalking people


This actually sounds pretty bad, while in fact, it is a super fun way to spend your time. When you are traveling, for example on a bus, most of us simply look around. Possibly at the scenery, maybe at the sky.

Those are interesting of course, at least to sometimes but usually, the people are even more interesting if you try to understand them. Imagine them looking at you, and they might be seeing you as the average bus passenger, but they can’t even imagine where you are going, what you are going to do there and so on.

I started to imagine a story for those people I passed on the street. I looked at their clothes, their bag, their type of transportation. That way a woman with cheap clothes, but expensive jewelry, became the mistress of a rich and married man. Or that rather harmless looking man biking on the sidewalk with the hidden neck tattoo became an extreme sports addict, a hobby he hides from his girlfriend, the skinny lady next to him because he doesn’t want to scare her.

2. Guessing license plates



This is a game most likely everyone has played before. You are on a highway and around there is nothing but cars. I started off with auto brands. Then I tried the “harder” stuff. Wikipedia has all the information you will need.

Truth be told, when I started this I couldn’t even tell auto brands apart. Now I’m a lot better.

Also, it is more fun if you play these games with someone else.^^


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