5 times at which you SHOULD abandon a person

Abandonment is usually associated with viciousness, that’s at least my first thought when the word “abandon” crosses my mind. But as I thought it trough in-depth, I realized that abandoning is sometimes the only way for things to go on. So these are 5 types of situations in which you should abandon somebody.

1. If that person is violent towards you


Firstly, you are precious no matter what other people say. Don’t ever let people, that are supposedly close to you, mistreat you in any way. Nobody deserves that!

Furthermore realize that physical as well as mental abuse can be fatal and is dangerous. Don’t ever underestimate words. If you don’t feel appreciated for what you are, then leave. Don’t think of this as running away! Letting go sometimes hurts less than holding on to something! Please never let go of your self-esteem. In your life you are the most important person. If somebody thinks otherwise, you should abandon them, they’re no good for you!

2. If you are taken advantage of

This has most likely happend to a lot of people that have studied abroad before. When you arrive you usually are interesting to the people because you are foreign. They want you to only talk about yourself and sometimes they even want you to teach them your language or correct their essays for them. They aren’t interested in you but rather in where you come from and how they can take advantage of that!

You don’t need those people. If you notice that people are only around you because they need something you could give them, then abandon them! If they only use you and they don’t really care for you as a person then move on with friends that are actually interested in your personality!

3. If you are miserable


Okay. So you should also rid your life of people that make you miserable. They may force you into some sort of agreement you were never interested in. They don’t treat you bad but their remarks make you flinch, they are dissatisfied with everything you do, they sometimes ignore you and then suddenly become the most concerned human being on earth. You are confused and simply can’t trust them?

If somebody in your surrounding does something that makes you miserable and makes you feel unconformable, abandon them!

4. If you mistreat the other person


This way of letting go isn’t really an abandoning but rather a releasing. There are periods in a human life that aren’t really stabil. Some get addicted or depressed. If you become in any way dangerous to the people around you, especially children, then give them some space. Nothing is worse in childhood, than a abusive parent. You might not actually want to hurt your children, but sometimes the world isn’t as it is supposed to be, and you simply can’t control the things happening. Please don’t let you children experience this side of you. The first step of course would be to get clean or get therapy, but if nothing helps, give your kids the chance to live a life free of violence, even if they most likely won’t grow up with the same belief in love as others do.

5. If you are restless


This kind of abandonment isn’t forever. But if you feel the urge to be free and independent, if you want to live in solitude or just travel to the end of the world, then do so! Not doing it would only provoke a really severe mid-life crisis. You are the main character in your life – don’t make your decisions dependent on somebody else. (I know this is harder if you have a family, but the goal of every life is happiness. If you aren’t happy then your family won’t be either.)

P.S. This doesn’t mean that you should just throw people out of you life, without ever saying anything. The first thing to do should always be talking about it, but if nothing helps then don’t hesitate to take action.




  1. Hi – I read this post to my mum, and she realised that some of the people she’s in contact with do use her and do treat her badly. I’ve been trying to tell her for years that some of them are taking advantage of her, but for some reason she didn’t believe her daughter.. haha. However hearing it read out loud, from someone else’s mind – genuinely did make her see.
    Thank you.

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