8 reasons why music should be an essential part of your travel

Everybody that loves to travel, especially by oneself, knows that it would be next to impossible without music. Here I’ve summarized the 8 main reasons why you should bring music along with you.

1. You’ll get bored without it!

My reason number one! I get bored really fast. So if I’m on a plane or hiking up a hill or if I am on a bicycle stage and have seen the same scenery for ages, I will get bored and ultimately lose my energy to continue what I’m doing.

Since this is the thing you don’t want at all, bring some music!!! I can do hours of exercise as long as my ears get blasted with some kind of melody.

2. It helps you understand the culture of another country

When you’re on the road, on the way to a country that is completely in uncharted water, then how about you listen to some music that is traditionally played in that country. Every part of earth has some sort of music it get associated with and that describes it. Trough doing that, you’ll understand the mindset of the people.


3. You’ll understand people even without words

If your coming to a country of which you don’t understand the language at all, you’ll might find it pleasant if people like to play music, dance and sing. Music is a universal language everybody understands. So if you play a happy tune you’ll automatically seem friendly to the inhabitants of the new country – as well as you’ll feel welcome when they play it.

4. You’ll learn the language much faster

This tip is for everyone that actually invests the effort to learn a language. Music has a melody that is easy to remember. Learning vocabulary or pronunciation through music is the easiest way to get a feeling for that language.

5. Music connects people to each other

Remember festivals and concerts where all the people that have never met before suddenly become best friends. Music leads people of totally different backgrounds to one another and opens the doors to a wonderful experience.dance-145110_960_720

6. Music is it’s own piece of history

Music always tells a story. Maybe the story of a country or the story of a persons life. It is something really personal and revealing. It tells you things that you might have never known without listening to it. So try to feel with the music, it will tell you all its secrets.

7. You’ll less likely feel lonely

This point is really important as well! When you’ve been on the road for a while or you have settled in a different country than you grew up in, you’ll eventually feel lonely. This doesn’t have to show in an unbearable homesickness and thinking back at the “good old times” isn’t something to be ashamed about but wanting to be somewhere else while you are having the time of your life might not be the best feeling. A way, that I though was really good at dealing with this, is listening to some music of the country you’re missing. Especially music in your own mother tongue. This will help you feel less lonely, and more connected to the country you grew up in.


8. It’s very emotional

Sometimes music needs to give you the final blow. You’re annoyed?- Listen to some heavy metal and hard rock! You’re sad?- Listen to some sad love songs. You want to just relax?-Play some new age music . And need some confidence?- Try rap!

Music can be an emotional roller coaster. The positive part is that you can decide which genre you want to listen to. If you’re having negative thoughts why not listen to something happy and positive. It will save your day!

Are there any other reasons you like to listen to music when on the road? (^_~)




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