10 reasons why solitude will change your life to the better!

Solitude – a word that has a weird feeling to it. I can’t actually determine whether it is good or bad. But if you voluntarily chose solitude it may benefit you in a very specific way:


1. You can sort out your feelings

You may have just gotten out of a painful relationship or lost a family member. Maybe your crush does not return you feelings or you’re having a fight with your best friend. Whatever it is, it is painful and you need some time to think! Solitude can give you the peace you need to figure these feelings out. No person, other than yourself, can understand the things your heart tries to tell you. Give yourself the time to understand what is going on. That is the first step recovery.



2. You can form an individual opinion

Do you get pressured easily – have people fighting over what you should do, without having a say. Solitude can help you form a view on something. When you are all alone you get the chance that nobody can interfere with your thoughts. Before you might have just agreed with an idea, now you get the change to figure out what you want and what you think, without the need to confirm someone else’s point of view or the possibility to not know your position at all.



3. You don’t have to depend on somebody nor is somebody dependent on you.

You have time to not care about anybody but yourself. Everyone has to be selfish once in a while!


4. You develop independence from society

In solitude it isn’t important what society thinks of you. You can develop you body and soul independently and will live a happier life. Don’t force yourself to be someone you’re not!

5. You have time to not think at all

For a very long period of time you might have not had the chance to simply not care at all. Relax – lean back and forget about all the things that stress you out and cause your headaches.



6. You can dream – and create new life goals

Did something come to an end and you are stuck and don’t know how your life is supposed to work out from now on? Don’t be scared – just give yourself some time by yourself and new ideas, new possibilities and new motivation will show up!


7. You find out who you truly are and develop some self-esteem

It is really important to know who you are. In solitude you don’t have to be ashamed about yourself. Look at yourself proudly and accept yourself for who you are. You are worth more than all that rubbish people have been throwing at you! Only if you have some self-worth you can look those people in the eyes and not feel inferior.



8. You can recharge and be at one with yourself

Feel the calm energy refueling you and be at one with yourself and the earth. Remember that your existence is important and precious and that nobody can hurt you.

9. You realize how important some people are to you.

When you are far from home, or maybe just alone for a few hours, you realize what is truly important to you and who cares for you. You see who you should continue sharing your life with. Don’t let people that only bring pain and misery into your life.



10. You get some distance and see things from a different angle

If you have some time by yourself, you are calm enough to look at different options. You realize that you view wasn’t that unlike somebody else’s and that you may find a compromise.

All in all solitude may have a rather positive and healthy touch.





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