Is reality turning us into mask carriers?

Masks aren’t only worn at masked balls – NO, we wear them everyday, wherever, whenever – simply always!

We wear our mask just as we play our role and go about our daily business. We put it on to face society and seldom take it off – maybe never, not even in front of ourselves!

You might say, that you don’t wear a mask, that you are sincere in what you do, show others who you truly are and say what you earnestly feel but can you look the people around you in the eyes and tell them that you’ve never been false, that you have never pretended and that you never will?

Your answer will most likely be no! At least mine is. If your’s isn’t, then you are lying to yourself!

Recently reality may have turned us into mask carriers even more than before. Due to the political circumstances, the world is in at the moment, we have adjusted our understanding of the world to what we see on television or read in the newspaper on a daily basis. Take the European Union and its refugee problem for example. People hear about refugees all day, every day so Europeans have gotten used to people coming and going to their countries without bothering about it. What may have disturbed, surprised, agitated them in the past is now so commonplace that they simply refuse to care. This is possible because they put on a mask and hide their true feelings to protect their heart and soul.


You may think: “How can people turn a blind eye to crime, poverty and war?!” You may say that as a person someplace that has nothing to  do with the problematic the refugees and the Europeans face at the moment. But by knowing about it and not doing anything, you are wearing the same mask as everyone else. Just because things aren’t happening right in front of your door, you aren’t necessarily innocent!


But people don’t only wear their masks to face political issues or social conflicts. We wear it in everyday life because we have to pretend to be somebody we are not. Society sets boundaries to everything. The way you have to act towards friends, family, superiors, inferiors, men, women, animals, nature etc. Just by growing up in society, by being raised by people who grew up in society – you are influenced, and you are eventually forced into a position you might not be in, if things were different. The only way to continue existing – is to put on a mask to protect yourself.

In conclusion masks may not necessarily be something bad but rather a protection mechanism the body and soul use to shield an individual from societies enormous demands!



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