How to get motivated after failing multiple times!


Motivation is a rather undefined topic. What is motivation in fact? In my opinion motivation is the urge to do something. Well but where does that urge come from.

Motivation is there in the beginning. When you start things. For example a diet, or an exercising routine, or maybe an organizing schedule. No matter what you wish to achieve, it starts with the motivation to reach the final goal.

Well, so motivation is the urge to reach a goal in a specific aspect of life. Fine, but how does that help us unmotivated people change? Well, motivation sadly is a state that comes and goes. It obviously was there in the beginning but it fades away as time passes by. So what do we need, to keep the motivation high, is change.  Take an exercising routine for example. Maybe in the first few days/weeks you are super motivated, you do everything people told you would lead to amazing results, but then the process of your body changing is too slow. You don’t see the promised results and end up quitting. This situation can be applied to any part of life that you wish to change.

So now, how do we keep going where everybody else is failing. Well, here are a few suggestions:

  • follow Tumblr blogs or inspiring people on other social network sites
    • no matter what you want to do, there are other people on tumblr that do the exact same thing. A big community that supports each other and shares inspiring quotes, material, pictures, advice ect…..
    • it is a great source of motivation, that not necessarily has to be your own. It is simply super easy to just go with the flow.
  • write a journal
    • whatever it is, that you wish to do, write down your thoughts about it
    • this is a way you can keep up with you progress
      • put in before-after pictures for weight loss
      • your feelings associated with the end of a workout
      • your improvements in cardio (for example distances)
      • your improving grades when studying
      • or your developed skills in language learning
  • tell your friends and family about your work and get their feedback
    • and here it’s not really important whether it’s positive or negative feedback
      • people that support you are great, but even if they tell you that you  will never be able to do it, you can use them as a source of motivation
      • keep going to prove the people that want to see/ think you will fail, that they are wrong
    • ask them to help you with small things like:
      • not buying sweets while you are trying to loose weight, so you can’t give in to your cravings
      • taking care of some of your daily chores so you might have the time to exercise
      • reading the chapters you wrote and correcting them for spelling mistakes, when you are trying to write your first book to fulfill your dream of becoming a writer

No matter what it is you do, do it because you love it, not because you need to do it. Only true passion can drive you to the point where you want to be in the end.

You should not only want the results, but try enjoying the journey of getting there as well.


I believe in you! You won’t fail. NOT THIS TIME!

If you are just stressed out and can’t get motivated because of that how about checking out this post.

If you know any other tips to get motivated, please share them in the comment section. (^_^)



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