“It’s raining like a pissing cow”


The familiar french proverb “Il pleut comme vache qui pisse” is equivalent to the English

  • “It’s raining cats and dogs”,
  • “It’s pouring down”,
  • “It’s really coming down”,
  • “It’s lashing down”,
  • “It’s raining stair-rods”,
  • “It’s bucketing down”,
  • “It’s pissing hard/down”
  • “The rain came down/ fell in sheets.”

Whichever of these you are more comfortable with. (Might differ depending on country of origin or age).

Literally it mean “It is raining like a pissing cow.”


This is what rain should be like! Just my personal opinion. At least it is a better imagination than a pissing cow!

So here is how different countries say that rain is pouring down:

*translations may not make any sens in English since they are literal


  • france-636559_960_720

    Il pleut des cordes.

    • (lit. It’s raining ropes.)
  • La pluie tombe à flots.
    • (lit. The rain falls in floods.)
  • Il pleut des grenouilles.
    • (lit. It’s raining frogs)
  • Il pleut à verse.
    • (It’s pouring.)
  • Il pleut à torrents.
    • (lit. It’s raining like a stream.)
  • Il pleut à (pleins) seaux. 
    • (lit. It’s raining out of buckets.)
    • It’s bucketing.
  • Il pleut comme vache qui pisse.
    • (lit. It’s raining like a pissing cow.)



  • Es regnet/ gießt/ schüttet in Strömen.
    • (lit. It’s raining/ pouring in streams.)
  • Es regnet wie aus Eimern/ Kübeln.
    • (lit. It’s raining like out of buckets.)
  • Es regnet Bindfäden.
    • (lit. It’s raining strings/cords/threads.)
  • Es regent junge Hunde.
    • (lit. It’s raining young dogs/ puppies)



  • Està lloviendo a càntaros.
    • (lit.It’s raining in jugfuls.)
  • Està lloviendo a cubos.
    • (lit. It’s raining buckets.)
  • Està lloviendo a chuzos.
    • (lit. It’s raining pikes.)
  • Està lloviendo a mares.
    • (lit. It’s raining seas.)
  • Està lloviendo a torrentes.
    • (lit. It’s raining torrents.)
  • Estan lloviendo hasta maridos.
    • (lit. It’s even raining husbands.)


I thought these were the most hilarious!



  • Ou vrouens met knopkieries reen.
    • (lit. It’s raining old women with knobkerries (clubs).)

Chinese (Cantonese):

  • 落狗屎 (lohk gáusí)
    • (lit. dog poo is falling (inf))


  • Det regner trollkjerringer
    • (lit. It’s raining female trolls)

To check out more please click here. Especially Danish, Haitian Creole and Dutch are great!!!

If you know some great proverbs to express pouring rain, please share them in the comments. (^_^)




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